DIVIDED BY ME   -   Downloads

Here are some of the demos I have on the go, sometimes I just sit in front of the computer and see what happens, good, bad, ugly, I'll probably upload it anyway. Newest ones are at the bottom.

Song Demos

You could never have me                                                    Slip Away

Below                                                                                        Green Song

On My Way                                                                                Hole So Black

See Right Thru Me                                                                 Dare You To

Dreams                                                                                    Music of the Night

I Started a Joke                                                                      New Song 1

All Around                                                                               Con Te Partio 

 Ever After                                                                                Falling Slowly

Sloop John B                                                                           Somebody   

Bulletproof                                                                                Lightning Crashes

Hush                                                                                           Keep on Fighting

 Sonali                                                                                         Abandoned

 Divided 3A                                                                                 Breathe

  Sonali -      ( Mixed by Evergroove Studio - Evergreen CO, 303.674.7618 )

Divided 6                                                              Hold out for the one you love     

 Fade Away                                                                                Aug2 WIP

For the Love of God                                                            Further Away

Don't                                                                                        60 Seconds

Everything                                                                            Good Night

This Years Love                                                                Destroying the Church