Guitars / Vocals - Michael Minos

Bass - Dan DeGeer

Keyboards / Vocals - Bill DeGeer

Lead Guitar - Stephen Parrick

Drums - Jeff Baechler

Drums / Vocals - Laura Wilmot


IF... was formed in the back shop of our office, just north of Toronto Ontario. Hey, you have to start somewhere! Why not start where there is lots of room to practice?

Mike had been playing in bands since his early teens, hooked on songwriting and performing, Mike decided to get back into the swing of things, Bill being the resident keyboard artist, was a natural fit, with diverse styles of music, we kept each other open to new possibilities.

John joined soon after, friend of a friend, and some real awkwardness, John soon proved he was truly a great friend, and an even better drummer, he was inspiring to work with and brought out the best in all of us.

One summer afternoon, party season upon us, we were asked if we could bang out some tunes for a street party, never shying away from a chance to bust it out, we were in, but no bassist!

Easy fix, enter Dan, Bill's brother, a guy that never played the bass before, but he had a credit card, so we were all set, off to the music store to fill out our bottom end.

Dan took quickly to the bass, applying his early teachings of piano and organ to the rhythm section, he was hooked, and played his ass of for the better part of a year, learning his chops, and lending us exactly what we were missing.

 However we were missing one more thing, with Mike doing double duty as singer and guitarist, we felt limited in what we could achieve. Steve was there to round out the group. Steve brought to us the incredible ability to play the first 10 seconds of every song ever written, this could be fun! But what Steve brought with him was so much more, another style, another influence.

Unfortunately ( for us anyway ) John decided that he needed a change of scenery, and moved to the other side of the world!

While watching our favorite AC/DC cover band, we came across a bundle of energy that we all had thought impossible, I can play drums Laura said, and at that was that Laura brings a long history of musical talent,  and an exciting new element to the band.

And finally, the addition of Jeff, an accomplished drummer with plenty of experience in music and touring to the band, with impeccable timing, a sense for arrangement, and the ability to keep us focused, Jeff has been a solid force in the backbone of the band.

All of this adding up to what IF... is today

IF... is an original band. We play the music we dream up in our heads, and the music that comes from our hearts. We hope you enjoy our music, and hope that it touches you as much as it does us.